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Botham jEAN

Botham Jean was 26 when he was murdered

I had just finished reading D.L. Hughley's book, How Not to Get Shot- a satirical self-help novel geared toward minorities who want to avoid being killed by police, when I heard of the latest victim of police brutality, Botham Jean. Botham Jean was killed by Dallas Police Officer, Amber Guyger on September 6th at the South Side Flats apartment complex. Guyger claimed that she walked into the wrong apartment and killed Botham thinking that he was an intruder.

This is a very strange story and, as you might imagine, people are asking a lot of questions. How did she not notice she was on the wrong floor when she walked to her apartment- each apartment has its number beside the door? How did she get into the apartment in the first place since each apartment has its own key card? Did she enter the apartment and somehow not notice the different furnishings? Did she know the victim before she murdered him? Why did it take days for Guyger to be arrested? Why is it that some people in the online comments are still trying to "wait for more facts" before condemning Guyger's actions? (Dur...let's not "rush to judgment," you guys.) Why did the police feel it was necessary to say they found marijuana in the victim's apartment- do people with marijuana in their apartments (if it was actually his and not planted) deserve to have their home broken into and to be murdered? When is this shit going to stop? There are more questions than answers right now.

What I can say is that Botham Jean will be missed by his family and friends and it's a shame that this bright young man's life was senselessly snuffed out by someone who was supposed to protect her community. Stay tuned for the many excuses that we always hear trotted out in situations like this. What she afraid for her life? Was he a thug? Was he on drugs? (Oh wait, they're already using that one...) The script never changes, does it?

Stay safe, everybody, in your daily drives, during traffic stops, going out, and...hanging out at home.

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