• Jena

Diahann Carroll

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Photo from the TV show Julia

About four or five years ago, I found an agent and started doing local gigs- acting, modeling, and hand-modeling (which makes me think of the first Zoolander film). Over these years, I've met wonderful directors, crew, stylists, make-up artists, and I've benefitted from the pure passion of other models and actors that I've met. I can say pretty confidently that each of them has wanted to be a part of an important project, perhaps a groundbreaking project- I know I have. I believe every actor wants to be a part of a project that holds value even decades later, even after the actor herself has retired or passed on.

Today, scrolling through my Twitter feed, I saw a post about Diahann Carroll- it was one of her scenes from Dynasty. What a classy lady, I thought to myself. It was only later that I realized that she had passed away at the age of 84 after a long battle with cancer. Ms. Carroll had an amazing career on the small screen, the big screen, and on the stage- bringing her immense talent to every role. Her role as Julia Baker in the 1968 TV show, Julia, has often been described as "groundbreaking" since she was one of the first Black women to star in a television show in a non-stereotypical role (read: not a maid or a servant.) The television show lasted three seasons. She went on to work on several TV shows, movies, and Broadway musicals in a career that spanned decades.

Diahann Carroll will be missed by family and fans alike, but we are grateful for her contribution to the arts and her legacy as an actress who defied barriers to leave a remarkable imprint on the entertainment industry.