Finding and Hiring Talent to Meet Marketing and Sales Goals

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Picking up marketing and sales talent can be more challenging than you expect. Not only are specific skill sets required for these disciplines hard to pinpoint, but both fields are constantly changing and evolving, rendering many candidates’ past accomplishments moot. Gaudy Language understands the challenges you may face hiring talent for your sales and marketing goals, and we offer this guide to help you out.

Beware of the pitfalls of sales and marketing hiring

Before you start hiring, be aware of the common pitfalls of hiring salespeople and marketers. The first is potential high turnovers: Sales hires have a massive turnover of 35 percent (almost 3x the norm), and marketing stands at 17 percent. That means, unless you’re on point with your hire, the chances of you wasting money and time are high.

Next, many businesses fail to adequately support salespeople or marketers. They hire a worker or two and expect them to magically generate revenues. In reality, you need to add a marketer or salesperson into an existing process. They may be able to improve it with time, but they need a foundation to work from.

Last, experience counts in sales and marketing – and you may not be able to afford the most experienced talent. Be prepared to compromise.

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