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I wanted to write a post about the restorative power of touch since I just had an incredible 90 minute massage...but I read the news on my phone and once again, someone couldn't keep his hands to himself and I feel that I should write about that.

Prabhu Ramamoorthy was recently found guilty of sexually assaulting a sleeping woman on a Spirit Airlines flight, putting his hand down her pants while she slumbered.  She awoke to him touching her and reported him to the flight attendants.   He could receive up to life in prison for the sexual assault and will be deported to India if he's released.  Ramamoorthy offered the flimsy excuse that he had taken a pill and he wasn't aware that he was molesting a fellow passenger.  (The "pill" in question was nothing more than Tylenol.)  By the way, his wife was also on the flight with him- so this guy was sexually assaulting a woman while his wife was sitting right beside him.  

Over the past few years, we have seen actors, directors, journalists, comedians, and many others all called out for sexually assaulting and harassing other people, and somehow, we are still dealing with people like Ramamoorthy who think they have a right to touch a fellow passenger because she was a sleeping woman.  

It shouldn't have to be said (especially to adults) but keep your hands to yourself.  KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!  Hopefully, Ramamoorthy can learn to control himself in prison.  

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