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Lucifer, the devilish show based on the DC Comics character, was cancelled on Fox but was picked up for a fourth season on Netflix. I had watched maybe one episode several months ago, but didn't really get into it. Fast-forward to a few days ago and I've finished the three seasons that are currently available on Netflix. Should you watch it? Sure, but I wouldn't call this show bingeable- in fact, I'd advise you watch a few episodes every few days. It's not the type of show with a lot of intricate twists and turns and viewed episode after episode can quickly become a bit predictable. Why watch? Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer (and is the perfect casting choice, btw), makes the character one worth watching and somehow, one with whom viewers can empathize. Lucifer is self-centered, hedonistic, oblivious, and sometimes, somehow, quite naive. It's interesting to watch him, someone who has supposedly lived for thousands of years, be completely confounded by human situations and feelings. It gets a bit tiresome listening to him complain about what God is doing to him, how he's being controlled, and what little thing is probably some heavenly trick to manipulate him, but perhaps in that way, he's behaving more like a human than he realizes.

The show benefits from good chemistry and actors like D.B. Woodside, who plays Lucifer's foil, the angel Amenadiel. Amenadiel, unlike Lucifer, wants to follow the rules. He doesn't always do so, but overall, he has a lot of faith in God. This leads to clashes with his brother who sees Amenadiel as little more than a subservient automaton, subject to the capriciousness of his father's will. Amenadiel's faith, Detective Decker's (Lauren German) pragmatism, Ella's (Aimee Garcia) unabashed joy, Dan's (Kevin Alejandro) dorkiness (and occasional darkness) surround Lucifer and makes the show interesting to watch.

One thing that irked me was how long it took Detective Decker (Lucifer's love interest, although they couldn't be more different personality-wise) to realize that Lucifer was actually the devil and not just a charming eccentric. I know the writers were trying to draw out the suspense for as long as possible, but there were so many frustrating scenes where the detective ignored very blatant, very odd circumstances in favor of believing that Lucifer was lying about who he really was. A guy just looked at Lucifer's face and then jumped off a BUILDING to escape. Why would that happen?

So my advice is to binge sloooooowly and then catch the 4th season which will be on Netflix!

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