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Mandate From Heaven?

Donald Trump

When Trump was first elected, I remember the assurances that it was no big deal, that everyone was making a fuss over nothing, that we shouldn't worry. It's just an election, just a president who would serve 4 years, perhaps 8. We could rest assured that our daily lives would be mostly unaffected...now it's 2019 and we can see how wrong those people were.

Trump wouldn't be so bad if he had remained what he was- some flashy businessman, the reality TV star, the guy who said and did awful things (remember when he called for the execution of the Central Park Five- now the Exonerated Five?) but who had very little power to ruin lives. Now, he resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now his stupid tweets, which were formerly the insipid musings of someone who barely mattered actually affect policy and world financial markets. Now his xenophobia/racism are causing actual harm to people- sure Trump's racism prevented Black people from renting at his properties in the 1970's, but now it's actually inspiring people to kill other Americans- for example, Heather Heyer who was killed by James Alex Fields, Jr. in Charlottesville and those who were shot by Patrick Crusius in El Paso. Now, Trump's stupidity is a reflection on all Americans as he consistently embarrasses us on the world stage. Now, we have to wake up to disconcerting headlines mostly due to the impulsive behavior of someone who is supposed to be leading this country. What's the latest scandal? No matter, there will be another next week.

Today, I learned that the Trump Administration is commanding US forces to move aside and allow Turkey to invade northern Syria. This is effectively an abandonment of the Kurds, who had allied themselves with the US in the fight against ISIS. Both Democrats and Republicans (oh wow, really? Speaking up for once?) have criticized this move. Pat Robertson has even come out and said that Trump is "in danger of losing the mandate of Heaven" with this decision. Did Trump ever have the mandate of Heaven, though, Pat? And this is what it takes to lose it? Not kids in cages? Not having an affair with a porn star? Not any of the number of lies he's told to everyone? I'm not sure what Heaven's line in the sand is, but it's good to know what's considered too far in the world of televangelists. Trump's response to the outcry was a tweet: "As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I've done before!)." Sigh.

With his latest decision, Trump is not only putting the Kurdish forces in a precarious position, but likely the US as well. But it's all okay, right? It's no big deal- presidents come and presidents go, right? They "put up with Obama," surely we can stomach Trump, right? Surely, the world can survive the Trump era. Right? Right?

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