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Patriot Act

Gavin Bond/Comedy Partners

For some reason, I'd seen the trailer for Patriot Act on Netflix and I kept telling myself that I'd watch it some other time. Today, I put it on so I'd have something to listen to as I worked and I discovered how good the show is.

You might recognize Hasan Minhaj from The Daily Show or his Netflix comedy special, Homecoming King. (If you haven't watched Homecoming King, I'd recommend it. It was my first time seeing Minhaj's work and he's hilarious.) This show seems to be a mixture of a Ted Talk and a stand-up comedy show, with a focus on current events and politics. Minhaj's points are intercut with video clips which flash behind him on a large screen.

Minhaj is not only a funny man, he's also very astute and gives each topic that he covers a proper dissection. It's great to have a show that mixes comedy and politics so you can feel educated and up on current events, but you'll laugh instead of cry. The Daily Show is also a good program for this purpose.

New episodes come out every week- so far there are three episodes up: "Affirmative Action," "Saudi Arabia," and "Amazon."

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