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One of the highlights of watching Marvel movies over the last few decades (one of the many, many highlights) was the obligatory Stan Lee cameo at some point in the film. Whether he was playing a postman or just another character walking by, his cameos and quips were always hilarious.

I can't say that I'm a real Marvel-head- I was way more into anime growing up than I was into superhero comic books, but as superhero films have made these characters more accessible to those outside the circle of die-hard fans, I've developed a love for the franchise.

Stan Lee was an integral part of making Marvel what it is today, a massive multimedia enterprise. Lee worked in many capacities during his time at Marvel- he was a comic book writer, an editor, a publisher, and a chairman who helped oversee Marvel's expansion. Lee, with the collaboration of other artists, created well-loved comic book characters such as "Iron Man," "Ant- Man," "The Hulk," "Spider Man," and "Black Panther," among others. Spider Man has a special place in my heart because it was a character that my family and I enjoyed during my early teenage years through the present.

Stan Lee passed away today the age of 95. Tributes are pouring out from across the country as we remember the life he lived and the gift he gave us in helping to create the Marvel universe. He helped create characters that we could identify with, characters who maybe didn't start out the strongest or were flawed in some way, but who still managed to become heroes. He helped foster the idea that, although we might not have Vibranium, we may not have been bitten by a radioactive spider, and we might not be able to lift cars, we all have a special force inside us and the ability to work for good- and that humanity is something worth fighting for. Though he is gone, Lee's legacy will live on in everyone who enjoys his work and in the tremendous impact that his work has had on pop culture and our society.

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