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The Trumpsman

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I remember having an argument once about whether or not a certain media personality was a misogynist. He was a member of the "pick up artist" community- the people who develop and share techniques about how to hit on women. I noticed that his videos consistently attracted a slew of rude and misogynist comments. The person I was debating with argued that the pick up artist wasn't a misogynist and it wasn't his fault that he attracted the type of viewers that flocked to his page. I disagreed. Normally, media personalities, politicians, religious figures, and other high profile people tend to attract exactly the type of people that their message resonates with. It was no mistake that men watched this guy's video and thought of it as a safe space to share their dismissive feelings toward women and femininity.

The GeekzTeam, a Youtube channel described as "dedicated to pissing off liberals," posted a parody video of the 2015 movie, Kingsman- depicting the famously violent church scene from the movie but with Trump fighting and shooting "fake news" sources. As anyone who has been conscious over the past few years knows, "fake news" is pretty much any news outlet that reports anything that Trump doesn't agree with: ABC, CNN, PBS, NPR, etc. (The US doesn't have a state-sanctioned news outlet- Fox was the only one that came close and they've recently fallen out of favor with Trump). Trump fans will probably enjoy this video, as it shows Trump "fighting back" against news sources that don't report his antics favorably. People who are not MAGA-hat-wearing sycophants will note that in this climate of gun violence, a video showing a politician engaging in a mass shooting is in poor taste.

There are those who are already coming out to condemn the video and report that Trump does not condone it, but it's all empty words. After all, Trump has been preaching against the news media (any media that doesn't report his version of events) since his election. The anti-journalist rhetoric has apparently resonated with his base and has resulted in this poorly conceived parody video. As I've said since his election, any political figure who attracts racists, anti-Semites, homophobes, xenophobes, the poorly educated, and the like is doing/saying something that resonates with those groups of people. Not only is it unfortunate that people would ally themselves with someone who peddles these unsavory viewpoints, but it's also dangerous. Already, we've seen people marching in the streets of Charlottesville, hitting a protestor with a car, targeting Hispanic people in a mass shooting- what's next? As evidence of Trump's corruption mounts and he lashes out at everyone around him, who knows who his supporters will be galvanized to attack? Trump's lackeys can repeat their mantras: "Trump didn't mean it"..."Trump was joking"..."Trump doesn't condone that"..."Trump didn't direct anyone to do that..." but it's all meaningless if you look at the type of people who are attracted to his rhetoric.

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