• Jena

The Wash And Go

Hello. Hello. Hellooooooooo! Forgive me if I seem ridiculously excited buuuuut I think I've finally got a wash and go routine that doesn't leave my hair looking like a dried-out sponge. I actually got some curl definition without having to spend an hour twisting my hair.

Now, my hair will do an undefined fro in a heartbeat- something that I've appreciated when I wanted more of a massive afro. But creating little ringlets was another story entirely. I would wash my hair, put in product, and my hair would slowly dry out until most of the curls were gone. And sometimes, some of the products I used would just sit on my hair leaving an annoying residue.

I'm a drugstore product buyer and a product junkie at that, so the idea of buying more expensive hair products both intrigued me and gave me pause. My hair stylist recommended the Kevin Murphy product line and as excited as I was to try it, I mentally made a Tina Belcher groan when I saw how much they cost. We ended up taking the plunge and I discovered that the Kevin Murphy Re.Store is one of my favorite products. I also went to Ulta (hey, I said I'm a product junkie) and decided to try some Pattern products- because Tracee Ellis Ross is amazing- and Ouidad products because I'd heard good things about them before.

I washed my hair in sections, then rinsed. I left a bit of water in my hair and applied the leave-in. Then I took small sections and added the defining custard. After that, I applied oil, shook my hair out, and let my hair air-dry. I will say that I haven't completely perfected the wash and go- my curls still felt a little dry later on in the day- but I'm excited to see how well my hair can do without hours of extra work and I'm going to keep fine-tuning my routine.

Products: Kevin Murphy Re.Store Repairing Cleansing Treatment, Pattern Leave-In Conditioner, Pattern Argan Oil Hair Serum, and Ouidad Curl Immersion Hi-Defining Custard.

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