• Jena


United Airlines is under fire this week after one of its Houston flight attendants made a woman and her daughter place their dog in an overhead bin. (You know, where luggage goes? )

The French bulldog, Kokito, was found lifeless in his carrier at the end of the flight. The family reports that their dog barked for two hours from the bin and then stopped.

The airline has issued an apology, stating that the flight attendant didn't realize there was a dog in the carrier, even though the family reports that they told her repeatedly that there was an animal in the bag. They say the attendant insisted that they put the travel carrier in the overhead bin anyway.

This story has resonated with people across America, even leading Senator John Kenney to propose legislation to prevent something like this from happening again.

United is no stranger to controversy- in 2017, the airline was widely criticized for dragging a man off one of its flights because he wouldn't give his seat to a United staff member.

*Picture from Adult Learning Association