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What The-?


I'm thinking Piers Morgan's schtick is keeping himself in the news by any means necessary, sort of like Tomi Lahren and many other talking heads, but his last few submissions to Daily Mail have been rather odd. In one, he lambasts Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, for not being friends with him: "I'd been ghosted" he said, writing about how they had corresponded for several months and then stopped talking. Morgan supposes that it was because Meghan was social-climbing and thus, dumped him once she found other friends of a higher profile. In truth, it could be any number of reasons, as people don't always keep in touch. It would be different if they had been best friends and then never spoke again, but it doesn't appear that was the case. Writing an article about a former acquaintance who didn't do anything except not be BFF's with him seems petty and odd. Maybe it was just a slow news day for Morgan.

Except...he put out another article today begging Donald Trump for a job. I read the first part and assumed that the article was satirical. Instead, it was a long treatise on why Trump needs him to be Chief of Staff. One reason being: "you need someone who will look you in the eye and tell you when you're being an idiot." Three guesses as to how that would work out knowing Trump's ego, but Morgan says: "I'd have the balls [to tell you the truth] because I know it's a myth you can't handle the truth." In addition to being loyal, Morgan says he would play nice with Trump's daughter and son-in-law. Morgan says that he would even pay Trump for the chance to be Chief of Staff.

No word yet on if he succeeded in getting that job interview, but if he gets hired and lasts the standard amount of time as all the others who Trump has hired and dumped, it should be interesting to see the subsequent editorial.

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