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Hey, Listen...

Most of us are pretty considerate when it comes to listening to other people, but how often do we take time to listen to ourselves? (And not just when we're at home by ourselves and absentmindedly talking out loud.) I mean, how often do we take time to listen to our intuition?

I've often heard stories of people who were about to do something, go out with someone, etc. when a gut feeling made them reconsider and they later found themselves glad that they didn't. I've had some gut twinges in the past which later on turned out to be correct, but I don't often listen to my intuition. A lot of times, my gut feelings are tangled up with my thoughts...so how do we figure out what is intuition and what is just worry?

People who understand intuition say that intuition differs from anxiety in several key ways, including not being overly fear-driven and emotionally-charged, which are the hallmarks of anxiety. Christina Lopes, DPT/ MPH, does a great job of explaining how to follow your intuition in this video:

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